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My novels focus on discovering who we are -- as individuals, as society, and as nations. Caught in the Current is a journey of self-discovery. Myth and Madness explores a nation’s search for its identity as seen through the eyes of magical storyteller. Amerikana takes the reader down the back roads of America’s political, religious, and cultural landscape in search of what it means to be American.



Amerikana is a political thriller about how Russia could influence American politics by infiltrating the religious heart of our country. Mark Rider, a journalism student, is searching for authentic America through his “Americana” blog. He’s exploring the traditions, landmarks, and folklore that both unify and divide our multicultural nation. While on the Overseas Highway, a beautiful Ukrainian runaway jumps into his Trans-Am. She shares an incredible story of being assaulted by an American Senator who is conspiring with a Russian oligarch to infiltrate and subvert American Evangelicalism. In their journey through the back roads of America’s political, religious, and cultural landscape, they risk their lives to expose the conspiracy and uphold the rule of law over the rule of power. 

​"Complex, exciting and hard to put down . . . A compelling story replete with social, psychological, and philosophical inspection . . . Highly recommended for readers of international intrigue in general and Russian and American social issues, politics, and dark connections, in particular."

-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Amerikana is a searing and prescient look at the world that we have become - manipulated and driven by subtle and not so subtle digs, through religion and social media, at our faith, our beliefs, and most importantly our fears . . . It's a fantastic read and one I cannot recommend highly enough. 5 Stars." 

-Grant Leishman, Reader's Favorite

". . . an ambitious and complex novel . . .Writing like this takes both knowledge and skill. 5 Stars." 

- Viga Boland, Reader's Favorite

"Amerikana is a political thriller like no other . . . a well-crafted political thriller in which the aesthetics of the narrative would be familiar to anyone who has ever read Ludlum, Clancy, or Forsyth. But Daniel Hryhorczuk is in a league of his own. 5 Stars."

- Vincent Dublado, Readers' Favorite

Myth and Madness


During Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity in the winter of 2013-14, Dr. Natalka Slovyanka, a beautiful, young psychiatrist from Donbas, tries to cure her mysterious patient of his "philosophical intoxication." Raised by a Molfar, Telesyk is a storyteller who hears voices in the wind. His mind drifts between the immuring reality of the psikhushka and and an imaginary world inhabited by witches, nymphs and dragons. He engages the other patients in a fairy tale of the quest for a horse that eats burning embers and drinks fire, a myth that parallels Ukraine's search for it's identity. Both patient and therapist embark on their own quests - Telesyk, to free himself from the prison of his mind and Natalka, to escape the dark secrets of her past. Natalka struggles to free him from his delusions until she discovers that his world is real, and that dragons are deceivers who disguise themselves in the world of men. As different as East and West, they realize that they must unite to slay the family of dragons that are threatening their existence. Myth and Madness blends magical realism with historical events on the Maidan to tell the modern day fairy tale of a nation's quest for its identity. 

Myth and Madness was translated into Ukrainian by Mr. Ihor Poshyvailo, the Director of the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity and published by Clio Publishers in Kyiv (2018, ISBN 978-617-7021-83-7). The book has been distributed to libraries throughout Ukraine and is part of the book collection of the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity. 

caught-in-the-current cover4 copy.jpg
Caught in the Current


Caught in the Current takes the reader on a magical mystery tour of Eastern and Western Europe during the summer of 1970, a tumultuous period of free love, equal rights demonstrations, and Vietnam antiwar protests in America, but an equally revolutionary period in Alec's life. Raised in Chicago as Ukrainian, Alec is caught between identities--is he American or Ukrainian? His personal beliefs are pushed to the limit as he undertakes a risky mission to learn about political dissidents in Soviet-dominated Ukraine. Detained, interrogated, and finally deported from the Soviet Union, Alec seeks refuge in earthquake-ravaged Banja Luka where he begins to see the world from a different perspective. Questioning himself and his values, Alec finally finds his anchor in Stefi, his girlfriend from Chicago, who helps him discover his true identity. 

"Simply stated, Caught in the Current is one amazing read and decidedly establishes Daniel Hryhorczuk as a talented author of wit, imagination, and a fundamentally gifted storyteller able to draw upon his own first-generation Ukrainian-American background to create a semi-autobiographical novel that never fails to entertain the reader from first page to last. Highly recommended reading."
… Midwest Book Review

"This is a coming of age novel like no other … well worth reading for its insights and drama."
Bookviews by Alan Caruba

"Even for those not born or alive in this groovy and revolutionary age, Caught in the Current is enjoyable to read – not only for its descriptive Kerouacian hitchhiking expeditions, but for the apt choice of music set to the novel my momentous musicians of the time … the trek through his existential crisis, though sober and lucid, becomes more enlightening and vivid than perhaps any mushroom or green could ever be."
-Readers’ Favorite

"Deftly written with a keen focus on the Ukrainian culture, author Daniel Hryhorczuk weaves a journey of self discovery through one of the most vibrant times in recent history. Readers will share in the inner turmoil and political conflict that Alec experiences, but will revel as he discovers and accepts who he truly is."


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