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Amerikana is a political thriller about how Russia could influence American politics by infiltrating the religious heart of our country. Mark Rider, a journalism student, is searching for authentic America through his “Americana” blog. He’s exploring the traditions, landmarks, and folklore that both unify and divide our multicultural nation. While on the Overseas Highway, a beautiful Ukrainian runaway jumps into his Trans-Am. She shares an incredible story of being assaulted by an American Senator who is conspiring with a Russian oligarch to infiltrate and subvert American Evangelicalism. In their journey through the back roads of America’s political, religious, and cultural landscape, they risk their lives to expose the conspiracy and uphold the rule of law over the rule of power. 

Complex, exciting and hard to put down . . . A compelling story replete with social, psychological, and philosophical  inspection . . . Highly recommended for readers of international intrigue in general and Russian and American social issues, politics, and dark connections, in particular. 

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


caught-in-the-current cover4 copy.jpg


Golden Bough, 2020


Myth and Madness

North Loop Books, 2016


Caught in the Current

Langdon Street Press, 2013 

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